Frequently Asked Questions

Pillows and mattresses are the perfect home for allergens, such as dust mite droppings, mold spores, pet dander and other microscopic organisms that trigger asthma and allergy symptoms. Washing your bedding is important, however allergens accumulate deep inside pillows and mattresses and can’t be easily removed, only filtered.

Aller-Ease uses innovative fabric engineering techniques to create comfortable and breathable mattress and pillow protectors. While we do offer products that feature waterproof benefits, we also offer two systems that are cotton, ensuring that you can sleep comfortably and wake refreshed.

You should use both Aller-Ease pillow protectors and mattress protectors for full 360-protection – which means the entire top, bottom, and side surfaces of your pillow and mattress are protected. The zippered closures and allergen filtration fabrics will protect you at all angles from the allergens that are living in your pillow and mattress.

All bedding is not created equally when it comes to filtering allergens. It’s a common misperception that using regular mattress pads will protect your bed against allergens. But they don’t. In fact, they’re likely to harbor even more allergens. For ultimate comfort and protection, use an Aller-Ease mattress protector under your mattress pad.

It’s very easy. The Aller-Ease mattress protector fits over the top, sides and bottom of your mattress. You simply slip the protector on your mattress and zip it closed.

The AllerEase mattress encasement that you have purchased may be constructed with multiple fabrics. All fabrics used will protect against the common household allergens as described on the package. Our covers are designed so that the top fabric provides a smooth, comfortable surface to sleep on and the side and bottom fabric allows the encasement to stretch over the mattress.

An AllerEase mattress protector can be used on a box spring as well.

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