blowing noseAllergy symptoms make everyone miserable. They affect all of our senses and leave us feeling groggy and worn down. Which symptoms are the worst though? None of them are fun, but there are certain ones we’d choose to have if it meant getting rid of another. We decided to have a little fun with today’s blog. We’ve ranked allergy symptoms based on how misery-invoking we think they are. #5 - Dark Circles Under the Eyes This symptom doesn’t directly affect how we feel, but it keeps us looking as tired as we feel when our symptoms are triggered. No matter how much sleep we try to get, those dark circles just never seem to go away! #4 - Coughing Coughing isn’t a problem for all allergy sufferers, but when it is it’s extremely annoying. In addition to all your other symptoms, a cough makes your chest & throat hurt. Coughing when you have allergies is even worse than when you have a cold, because this is a cough that seems to last forever. #3 - Itchy/Watery Eyes This symptom leaves your eyes looking red and puffy. And its impossible to go more than 5 minutes without rubbing them. Sometimes you don’t even want to keep your eyes open, but they still itch and water even when you close them. #2 - Sneezing If you have allergies, you know what it’s like to sneeze all day. People don’t even bother saying “bless you” to you anymore. Every sneeze interrupts whatever task you have at hand. It also leaves you feeling uncomfortable after each time. Some sneezes can even be kind of gross, which could lead to some embarrassing situations. #1 - Stuffy & Runny Nose All symptoms are bad, but we believe a stuffy & runny nose is the worst one. Not only does it make you have to reach for a tissue every ten minutes, but it also makes it impossible to breathe. A stuffy nose is especially awful when you’re trying to get some sleep. Breathing from your mouth makes sleeping uncomfortable. Drainage from your sinuses always runs down the back of your throat, causing you to feel even worse in the morning.   All allergy symptoms cause us to feel miserable. What allergy symptoms do you believe are the worst?