Spring: the temperature increases, the sun makes more frequent appearances, and the flowers make their annual debut. There are many celebrations and festivals around the world to celebrate! If the better weather has you planning your next adventure, or you just want to learn more about how different cultures celebrate this time of the year, here are a few places for you to get started.

May Day: Europe

May Day is a celebration you may already be familiar with. Celebrated every May 1st, May Day is a spring European holiday inspiring festivals around the continent. This holiday dates back to the middle ages “where its roots in pagan traditions celebrates the renewal of life after winter.”

Holi Festival: India

Holi, also known as “the festival of colors” or “the festival of love,” is a popular festival in India and Nepal to celebrate the end of winter, the beginning of spring, and the triumph of good over evil. Holi usually happens within the first couple weeks of March and lasts for one night and one day. Holi is a Hindu tradition where participants throw powder of various colors on each other and enjoy food and drink.

Tulip Festival: Canada

In May, Ottawa hosts the Canadian Tulip Festival, where the flowers are paired with live music and other entertainment, as well as food from around the world.

Cherry Blossom Festivals: United States and Japan

Similar to the Tulip Festival in Canada, the National Cherry Blossom Festival held in Washington D.C. to honor the United States’ friendship with Japan occurs for about a month from March to April. Japan also has its own Cherry Blossom Festival each spring where the Japanese can marvel at the endless cherry blossom trees, a long-time treasured tradition.

Songkran Water Festival: Thailand

In mid-April, the Songkran Water Festival to signal the New Year in Thailand takes place. This festival is three days long and is essentially a giant water fight for all citizens. It is reported that April is Thailand’s hottest month of the year on average, so this festival comes at the perfect time!

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