Train The dark winter months leave us tired, and maybe a little melancholy. Who wants to clean when you can curl up on the couch? But approaching spring, the days grow longer, and that extra sunlight gives us energy. To be fair, it also illuminates all the dirt and dust! Whether it’s habit or instinct, suddenly spring cleaning is on our minds, and we turn our focus toward our cramped and dusty houses. This tradition spans all sorts of cultures and countries. Like most things, it’s more successful if you’ve made a plan first. So, grab your brooms, gloves, and spray bottles, and bring on spring cleaning!

Where to Start?

Before you start to scrub and shine, declutter your space. The best part of spring cleaning is the opportunity to get rid of all the pointless stuff you’ve accumulated this year. Some danger zones are closets, desks, and garages. It just seems like that’s where all the junk ends up. Make three piles – keep, donate, and trash – and try not to get too sentimental. Do you really need one more t-shirt or twelve hotel pens?

Make a List

Now that you’ve freed up some of your living space, make a list of the rooms you want to clean. It’s the best way to remember everything that needs to be done, and there is something satisfying about checking tasks off your list. Go room by room, then get more specific. For example:


  • Dust the lights

  • Clean the window sills and panes

  • Vacuum the drapes

  • Sweep and scrub the floor

  • Wipe down all surfaces

Fruits of Your Labor

Spring cleaning is cathartic, but it’s also hard work. Take time to relax in your freshly cleaned house. Also, while it’s tempting, don’t treat your home as show house! You’re meant to live in it, and life can be messy. Bake those cookies, paint those walls, and track in mud–just be allergen-conscious, and don’t forget that spring cleaning can include a bedroom refresh. Most of all, remember, spring will come again and with it, spring cleaning!