vacuum cleanerJust because it’s spring allergy season doesn’t mean that indoor allergens go away. Dust mites, pet dander and indoor molds still are hiding in your home while the pollen flies outside. But not to worry. You don’t have to be bombarded by both indoor and outdoor allergy triggers. These tips will help you spring clean to rid your house of all those pesky indoor allergens. Find the Source Allergens could be present in many different places in your home. They can easily get trapped in the fibers of carpeting, furniture, bedding, linens and even stuffed animals. One of the first steps in eliminating indoor allergy symptoms is to give allergens as few places to settle as possible. There are many ways which you can do this. Some example are to:
  • Keep floors clutter free
  • Remove unnecessary carpeting or rugs
  • Use window shades instead of blinds or hard-to-wash curtains
Reduce Humidity Low humidity will help reduce dust mites and the growth of indoor molds. You can do this by using an air conditioner or dehumidifier. An air conditioner is especially important in the spring and summer months because it will help clean the air coming into your home, keeping pollen and other outdoor allergens outside. Vacuum If you want to eliminate indoor allergens, it’s very important that you vacuum at least once a week with a high quality vacuum. This will help get rid of any dust mites or pet dander that have settled into surfaces in your home. And don’t think the carpet is the only place you should vacuum! Use attachments to vacuum furniture and other nooks and crannies where allergens might be hiding. Put Your Bedding on Lockdown Because you spend such a large chunk of your day in bed, this is actually one of the number one steps in eliminating indoor allergens from your home. Allergy bed covers and other anti-allergen bedding help protect your mattress and pillows from the infestation of dust mites, pet dander and other allergens. These products are made of tightly woven material that keeps your mattress and other bedding clean and allergy free. In addition to using allergen protective bedding, you should also be sure to wash bedding, pillows and stuffed animals once a week to kill dust mites and eliminate other allergens. Control Pet Dander If you have pet dander allergies and still have a dog or cat you need to take a few precautions to help prevent the pet allergens from causing your symptoms to flare up. It is most important that you make your bed and bedroom an off-limits zone to your pet. Because you spend so much time in your bedroom, this is the room you will be affected by most if pet dander settles here. Always be sure to wash your hands after playing with your pet and continue to follow all other allergy elimination steps. Indoor allergens may be impossible to eliminate completely, but by following these steps you will be able to keep your symptoms at ease. In the springtime there’s no need to suffer both inside and outside!