New Picture (2)This time of year can be particularly brutal for allergy sufferers. It’s a peak time for pollen and other outdoor allergens. If these allergens find their way into your home they can easily settle into the fibers of your furniture, carpet, curtains and even your bedding. While allergens in any area of the home can cause allergy symptoms, allergens in your mattress can be the most devastating to your immune system if you have allergies. This is because you spend a large amount of time in your bed. If allergens have settled into your mattress fibers you will breathe them in while you sleep and your allergy symptoms will be triggered. Thankfully there is a way to protect yourself while you sleep. Using a zippered mattress cover specifically designed for allergy protection will keep allergen particles from entering your mattress. You can also use other allergy proof bedding items such as pillow protectors, hot water washable pillows and allergy free comforters to help keep allergens off your bed and mattress. This spring we will be helping our Facebook fans fight back against spring allergens by giving away four pairs of AllerEase Hot Water Washable Pillows and one full allergy protection bedding set valued at $350 in our Sniffle Free Spring Giveaway. All you have to do to enter is like the AllerEase Protective Bedding page on Facebook and enter your email address! Be sure to enter once per day and share with your friends for even more chances to win. We wish all of our fans a very happy and sniffle free spring!