pyramids-2371501_1920.jpgAcross thousands of years, cultures around the world have developed stories, inventions, languages, religions, and more. Knowledge has been gained, technology has advanced, and more questions from the past are being answered using the resources of the future. Despite this, a question posed by a variety of ancient cultures remained: what is the purpose of sleep? Over the years, scientists have provided information about its purpose, but many ancient cultures gave their own reasoning behind our need to sleep as humans.



The Ancient Egyptians often turned toThe Book of the Dead,a collection of spells that helped the souls of the dead navigate the afterlife. In this book, it details the importance of the core-self, and that sleep and dreams were ways to connect with the gods. The Egyptians believed that sleeping was a way for them to make a journey to the stars and discover higher consciousness. Because of their dedication to this belief, the symbol of an open eye is the hieroglyph for “dream.”


Buddhists believe sleep is most valued in moderation, as one is not responsible for their actions during sleep. With an “early to bed, wake at sunrise” mentality, they believe any sleep outside of those hours will cause damage to you physically and psychologically, and that insomnia is a sign of immorality. Buddha was made aware of the temptation that occurs during sleep, and told his disciples that those who sleep all day like pigs will be reborn as pigs.


Australian Aboriginals call dreaming “all-at-once time,” as they believe it is where the past, present, and future are are able to coincide. Aborigines say they are able to experience the power of life and the beginning of life all the way to death. The time spent dreaming is time spent connecting all Aborigines, living or dead.

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