Kiddo in the SofaIf you need inspiration or feel like your living room lacks vision, just move the sofa! Sometimes the simple act of changing your environment can lead to a fresh perspective. At least, that’s the motto and purpose of Pull Your Sofa Off the Wall Month! Have you heard of it?

Pull Your Sofa Off the Wall Month may be a mouthful, but it’s also an ever-growing trend. True to its name, this February event simply asks that you pull your sofas and couches away from their assigned spot along the wall, and mix things up a bit. Read on for a list of possible new layouts!

Open Concept

Pull your sofa away from the wall and make it the center of attention, the place all eyes are drawn to. If you have the space, moving your sofa to the middle of the room can make it feel like one room is now two! This layout helps you better leverage your square footage.

Conversation Starter

Bring your sofa and loveseats together to create a more social atmosphere! This arrangement, having the seats face each other, makes your living room the perfect place to connect with family and friends. The best conversations happen when you’re comfortable and close.

At An Angle

If you can’t decide between good conversation or open concept, opt for the best of both worlds. Placing your sofa at an angle or in an L-shape ensures that the space remains open, but still inviting to your guests.

In addition to improving the design and overall feel of your living room, pulling your sofa away from the wall has other benefits! For one, you’ll finally be able to reach that hidden part of the floor with a vacuum. You might be surprised by how much dust went unnoticed. Go ahead and flip the cushions while you’re at it! Plus, you’ll likely find missing slippers, change, hair ties, books, keys, and who knows what else. It could be your lucky day.

In the end, it doesn’t matter which layout you go with. The whole point of Pull Your Sofa Off the Wall Month is to encourage you to look at things a little differently. Something as small as rearranging your living space can change your entire outlook. So, get creative, have fun, and pull that sofa off the wall!