How clean and comfortable your mattress is can make all the difference between a good and bad night’s sleep. Many of us will pay top dollar for a mattress to guarantee that it will have lasting cleanliness and comfort. However many people don’t ever consider buying a mattress protector. By purchasing a mattress protector you will be protecting your investment, making your bed’s comfort and cleanliness last.

What’s Hiding in Your Mattress?

The average American is asleep for 7.7 hours a day.  That means you spend a good chunk of your time in your bed. But if your mattress is not protected you might not be the only thing spending time in your bed. An unprotected mattress will accumulate dirt, dead skin, bacteria and dust mites over time. Your mattress may even be susceptible to a bed-bug infestation if it is not protected. The fact that these particles and tiny critters could be hiding in your mattress is disgusting. It also means the quality and comfort of your mattress could be at risk, and your health could even be jeopardized. Allergy sufferers exposed to dust mites in mattresses while they sleep will have increased allergy symptoms. If your mattress is ever infested with bed bugs, they will bite you while you’re sleeping, leaving small marks on your body. Bed bug bites can also lead to an allergic reaction. Using a mattress protector will not only protect your mattress, it will also protect you and your family while you sleep.

How a Mattress Protector Works

mattress protector is made of tightly woven material that creates a protective shell for your bed. It is never too late to buy a mattress protector. Even if you have been using your mattress for some time a protective cover will not let harmful particles such as bacteria and dust mites in or out. Any particles that have already settled into the mattress will be trapped and the protector will act as a barrier between you and your bed. You have a number of options when it comes to choosing a mattress protector. Many mattress protectors feature multiple benefits:

  • Waterproof - A waterproof mattress protector protects your mattress from spills and stains.  Some waterproof mattress protectors offer bed-bug and allergy protection.  Read the package carefully to determine what benefits your waterproof mattress protector provides.
  • Anti-allergen – Anti-allergen protectors are made from tightly woven fabric that prevents the build-up of microscopic, allergy triggering particles in your mattress. Some anti-allergen protectors may also have waterproof and bed-bug protective benefits.  Read the package carefully to determine if your anti-allergen protector provides waterproof or bed bug protective benefits.
  • Bed-Bug Protection - Bed-bug protectors are reinforced with advanced zipper closures and tightly woven fabric that ensure bed-bugs will have no way to enter your mattress. Most bed-bug protectors have waterproof and anti-allergen benefits but be sure to read the package carefully to understand the full extent of protection your bed-bug protector provides..

A mattress protector will protect the investment you made in your mattress, ensuring that where you sleep is clean and comfortable. But more importantly, a mattress protector will protect you from the harmful particles and creatures that may often be present in mattresses. Remember a mattress protector can be used at any time, not just when a mattress is first bought! Even if you’ve had your mattress for years you can begin protecting it and yourself today!