thanksgiving dinnerThe holiday season is time when many families travel to be with relatives. If you suffer from allergies, traveling can wreak havoc on your symptoms. Staying at a friend or relative’s home might have you sniffling and sneezing all through the holidays if there are allergens present.

You don’t have to suffer though! There are a number of ways you can protect yourself from  allergens and reduce your symptoms while you travel this holiday season. We’ve listed some tips below that will help ensure allergies won’t get you down while you’re celebrating away from home.

Bring Your Own Pillow

If you’re staying in a guest room, chances are the pillows on the bed have been sitting there collecting dust mites and other allergens for awhile. Instead of breathing them in all night while you sleep, consider bringing your own pillow to your holiday destination. Using a pillow protector or a hot water washable pillow will add even more protection against allergens!

Stock Up on Allergy Meds & Use them Regularly

Since allergens might not be able to be fought as easily away from home, allergy medication could be your biggest ally in treating symptoms. Make sure you pack enough to make it through your entire holiday trip. Over-the-counter allergy medication is available at drug stores all over the country in case you do run out, but having it on hand will make relief much easier.

Taking allergy medication at the recommended regular intervals will allow for the most effective relief. You may even want to begin taking the medication before you leave for your trip. This way your body will already be fighting symptoms before you arrive at your destination. Be sure to consult your allergist or family doctor if you have any questions about what allergy medicine is right for you.

Make Your Hosts Aware of Your Allergies

Letting your hosts know that you, or someone else in your family suffers from an indoor allergy will help them prepare their home for you to be the most comfortable. If you know you suffer from pet allergies in particular, letting your hosts know may even prompt them to kennel their pet while you stay. Just be sure to be polite when you’re letting them know about your allergy needs!

The holidays are a time for food, family and fun. There’s no time for allergies! Make sure you’re taking all the necessary precautions so you can enjoy your holiday season to the fullest.