You should make your bed every morning. Yes, it’s true! There are lots of benefits to taking a few minutes to make the bed, and they don’t stop at “it gets your morning started right” (although it does). Whether you’re sleeping solo or you have to nudge somebody out with a cup of coffee, here’s the argument for making your bed every single morning (if your bedmate – or the dog – will let you!).

1. Making the bed is your first accomplishment of the day. Doesn’t that sound nice? It doesn’t have to be the first thing you do, but smoothing out the sheets and fluffing the pillows before you leave the house contributes to the appearance of a clean, tidy, put-together space – and coming home to that space after a long day is a much more positive experience than returning to rumpled covers. Not only that, but the more you make the bed, the quicker and more thorough you get at it. It never hurts to build a new skill!

2. Pets? Making the bed keeps their messy side out. We love our furry friends, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we want their fuzz, smells, and dander in our bed, especially while we’re gone for the day. Making the bed assures you the sheets stay fresh while you’re gone, and that you’re only welcoming the furry company when you want it. It’s beneficial to keep the bed tidy, especially for those of us with allergies.

3. The ritual can be good for you. Rather than a chore, think of making the bed as a gift to yourself. Getting into a well-made bed, even if the sheets aren’t freshly cleaned, feels really good! The ritual of turning back the covers before going to sleep every night can even be a part of the routine experts believe we need to maintain our best possible sleep hygiene. Good sleep hygiene has as as much to do with the consistency of our behavior as it does with how many hours we’re out or what our sleeping environment is like.

Putting in the effort to make the bed in the morning shows its benefits in many ways, and these are just a few. Getting a good night’s rest, prepping the room, and making sure you have the best possible bedding for your needs are all keys to a great morning routine – so why not knock one of those out before you even leave the house?