As the joke goes, the gyms are full until about January 15. The next day, all those people who vowed “this year is the year I’m getting in shape!” are gone and never to be seen again.

Well, we don’t think it’s ever too late to commit to a resolution or two. The New Year offers a fine start date, but any day is a great day to begin making a positive change. If you’ve already walked out of the gym, or you’re sensing yourself putting your resolutions on the back burner, take it one at a time! Here are a few resolutions it’s never too late in the month (or the year!) to commit to.

1. Pick one new healthy habit.

They say one small step leads to another, especially when it comes to healthy habits. Choose to drink one more glass of water a day than you’re used to, or take the stairs instead of the elevator. Maybe, for you, “healthy habit” means deciding to call a family member once a week instead of texting or shutting your devices down for an electronics-free hour each day. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s feasible and trackable. Once you’re in the habit of one positive act, others may follow.

2. Get in touch with one person you haven’t spoken with in a while.

The busyness of modern life can prevent us from keeping in touch with people we love or whose company we enjoy. Think of an old friend or relative who hasn’t heard from you in a while and drop them a line. A simple “I’m thinking of you!” can go a long way. If you can send a card or a letter, even better!

3. Volunteer.

Not everyone has the time and means necessary to volunteer, but it’s an activity that has a positive impact at any time of the year. Think of an organization, population, or cause you care about and spend a few hours a month--or even just a few days a year--helping out. Visit a local nursing home, work on a building project for someone who can use extra muscles, bring meals to the homeless, sign up to read with children at the public library, or advocate for a cause you’re passionate about. Studies show that volunteering makes us happier, and it can do more than just brighten someone else’s day. Repeat volunteer sessions aren’t required, but may follow!

4. Commit to one positive thing to look forward to.

Maybe it isn’t a vacation, but a family gathering, a package in the mail, or even just a day of good weather. Each week, set your sights on one positive thing in the near future. Maybe it’s even just your morning coffee! Stay focused on the positive, even if it’s small. Structuring a busy or stressful week can be easier with a small light at the end of the tunnel!

5. Boost your sleep quality.

Everybody knows a good night’s sleep is key to healthy living, so a good night’s sleep should be allergy-free, sound, cozy, and clean. Resolve to give yourself the very best night’s sleep: freshen up your mattress, try out some new bedding, and give yourself some well-deserved new year’s peace of mind. It’s healthy, self-caring, and a pat on the back for doing something for you.

However small your resolution, committing to something positive will leave you feeling accomplished as you check January off the new year calendar. We’re proud to be the leading brand in allergen-barrier bedding, and this year we’re committing to making sure we continue to offer the quality we’re known for. Happy 2017!