Spring is in the air! Unfortunately for allergy sufferers that also means pollen and other outdoor allergens are on the rise. Even though you want to enjoy the warm weather, your allergy symptoms may lead you to take cover indoors. But outdoor allergens can  follow you inside if you’re not careful, especially if you live in a part of the country where the pollen count is extremely high. If you want your home to be one place you can go that is allergy-free this spring. These easy tips will help you make sure outdoor allergens stay outside. Stop Allergens at the Door pollenPollen and other allergens can easily be tracked into your home from family members and guests entering from the outside. Put doormats at every entryway, both inside and outside, to trap allergens before they can settle into your carpet, furniture and curtains. Also have family members and guests take off their shoes either in a garage, breezeway, or immediately after entering the house. This will further prevent the tracking of allergens through your home. Keep Your House on Lockdown The warmer weather of spring may make it tempting to keep windows and doors open. But this will give pollen and other allergens easy access into your home, making allergy triggers inescapable. Instead, use air conditioning to cool your house when it gets hot and be sure to clean air filters monthly. Increase the Frequency of Cleaning At times when the pollen count is high, increase the rate at which you clean your home. If you can’t find time to do a thorough house cleaning make sure you are at least vacuuming and dusting twice a week in order to eliminate any pollen or other allergens that have found their way into the house. Protect Your Linens and Bedding Pollen and allergens can easily cling to fabrics. Make sure your clothing, bedding and other linens don’t become pollen and allergen carriers by taking the following steps:
  • Avoid drying clothing, sheets and towels on an outdoor clothesline. Fabrics will easily pick up pollen and allergens after spending time drying outdoors.
  • Protect your bed by using allergy bedding such as an allergy free comforter, mattress liners and protectors and pillow protectors. These items will help keep pollen and other allergens from settling into your bedding and irritating your allergies while you sleep.
  • After being outside for longer periods of time, put your clothes in the wash and shower immediately to prevent any lingering pollen or allergens from being tracked through your home.
Clean Off Pets After They Come Inside Like fabrics and linens, pet fur can easily carry pollen and allergens as well. Brush them thoroughly before they come inside, or even consider lightly vacuuming their fur. You should bathe them if they have been outside for a long period of time Pollen season only lasts for a few months, but if you have allergy symptoms that make you miserable, it can seem like a lifetime. Taking these measures may require a little extra effort, but you will be happy you did so when you’re sniffling and sneezing less this spring.