July 26, 2012  

New AllerEase Bedding Creates Healthy Back-To-School Sleep Environment

As college students make their dorm-room decorating checklists of lap tops and study props, they’re also checking it twice to make sure they’ll be equipped with the essentials that will keep their student housing sleep zones fresh and healthier. “Combatting indoor allergens, and in some instances even bed bugs, in dorm rooms is top of mind for students selecting bed linens for their college dorm rooms,” said Mette Odom, vice president of marketing for American Textile Company, which says it sees a spike in its sales each August of AllerEase mattress encasements in extra-long twin – the standard-size mattress found in most dorm rooms. Dorm rooms can be old, cramped and have poor air circulation, which can be a breeding ground for allergens such as pollen and dust mites that can cause sleepless nights, fatigue and grogginess. As a result, many parents arm their college-bound children with the tools they need to combat those environmental circumstances. “I know that college is going to be a big transition for my daughter as she comes out of high school, and I want to prepare her with strategies for a healthy lifestyle – that includes getting a good night’s sleep,” said Tami Hood of North Carolina, whose daughter, Hayley, is shopping for items for her freshman dorm room at the University of North Carolina. “I can’t control what time she’ll go to bed, but I can give her basic bedding that will block the indoor allergens that I know leave her stuffy in the morning,” Hood said. “It’s a start toward helping her develop a healthy sleeping routine, which goes hand-in-hand with a successful first year.” Home experts advise parents to include two important basic bedding elements in their back-to-school shopping to create a healthy dorm room environment:

  • Allergen-protection bedding –Allergens found in older dormitory mattresses and bedding interfere with breathing and cause fragmented sleep patterns instead of the continuous deep sleep that allows people to perform their best when they wake. Allergen-barrier mattress encasements cover the entire mattress – not just the top – to provide complete protection from the smallest microscopic particles, including dust mites and pollen that collect in the bedding and can trigger allergy and asthma symptoms. Some allergen-barrier basic bedding also blocks bed bugs, which have made a re-emergence in recent years in hotels, homes and dorm rooms. Read packaging to determine which encasements are specially-designed to prevent infestation.
  • Washable pillows– Experts recommend replacing pillows every two years, and heading off to school is an ideal time to start fresh. Once purchased, pillows should be cleaned frequently to rid them of the dust mites that like the warm environment, so a washable pillow is a must. A new pillow from AllerEase withstands hot water up to 120 degrees without losing its allergen-barrier effectiveness; plus, the pillow is made witha fill that re-fluffs after everywash, so it’s well suited to the rigorous washing needs of college dorm room living. The Hot Water Washable Pillow continually combats germs and bacteria without losing its allergen-barrier effectiveness, shape and softness for college students.

  “Parents want to make sure they create a healthy sleeping environment for their children at their college home away from home, and basic bedding is one step toward ensuring their children wake refreshed and alert for class, exams and their daily campus routine,” Odom said.  

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