5247819677_b9febd7274_zDecorating is an exciting part of the holidays for the whole family. But if you or someone else in your family suffers from allergies or asthma, getting out the decorations and putting up the tree could be cause for some symptoms to flare up. Keep reading to learn what you can do to keep allergy symptoms at a minimum when you decorate this year.

Christmas Trees

There’s a debate over whether fresh cut or fake trees are better for those who suffer from asthma and allergies. On one hand, real Christmas trees oftentimes contain mold spores that can cause allergy and asthma symptoms to flare up. You would think the remedy for this would be to use an artificial tree instead. But because artificial trees are typically stored in damp, dark places like the basement or garage, they too could contain mold. Artificial trees could also contain dust mites from being stored away for so long. The ACAAI recommends that you thoroughly shake off both real and artificial trees outside before decorating to help eliminate any mold spores or other allergens present.


If you’re like most families, you probably store your decorations year to year in a basement, garage, or attic. A year is plenty of time for the ornament boxes and decorations to gather dust mites and mold spores. For most allergy sufferers, symptoms may be the worst when you begin moving and opening these boxes. This is because the allergens that have sat stagnant for a whole year become stirred up. In order to avoid these severe symptoms, you may want to consider doing this part of the decorating while family members with allergies or asthma are in a different part of the house. It’s also very important to give all decorations a good wipe down to eliminate any lingering allergens. Lastly, be sure to vacuum and wipe down any outlying areas after the decorating is finished. This simple task will get rid of any allergens that may have settled into your carpet or furniture.

Keep this tips in mind after the holiday, as well - when you take down your decorations and put them away. In fact, it may even be beneficial to get new storage boxes to help cut down on the spread of allergens next year. We at AllerEase want you and your family to have a happy, safe and most importantly, allergy-free holiday season. Remembering these tips will help you to be one step closer to that goal.