We know that your family’s comfort, health, and wellbeing are important to you, which is why our products are developed to help you keep your sleeping environments fresh and clean. We’re proud to be the leader in allergen barrier bedding—and that title isn’t something we hold lightly!

When you browse our website or buy one of our products, you’ll see the Good Housekeeping Seal on each and every one. Wondering what that’s really all about? Here’s how we got it and what it means—for us and for you.

The Good Housekeeping Seal

When we say all AllerEase products are “third-party lab tested and allergist recommended,” we really mean it. To earn the Good Housekeeping Seal, our products must be evaluated by the scientists and engineers at the Good Housekeeping Institute (GHI). Each evaluation includes a review of product effectiveness, the claims made in our marketing, and the information on the package of the product you’ve bought. If it hasn’t earned the seal, it doesn’t make it to you.

So What Does That Mean for Me?

Good Housekeeping’s website describes its seal as that “stamp of approval,” or an indication of a “good product” that consumers have relied on, throughout its history, to make smart buying choices. It’s good to know that the Good Housekeeping Seal is also an indication of Good Housekeeping's Consumers Policy, which offers a limited warranty if a product carrying the Seal is found to be defective. The warranty comes in the form of a refund, repair, or replacement up to two years after the purchase date.

Smart Seal, Smart Purchase

Just like anybody else, we at AllerEase like to know how we’re spending our money and what we’re putting into our homes. With our products, backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal, you can always be sure your family is in good hands. Learn more about the Seal here, and check out our products as we turn the corner into another winter season.