travelingSummer is one of the most popular times for travel. The kids are out of school, the weather is warm and many of us will embarking on vacations away from home. Unfortunately this time of year is also one of the worst times for allergies. Symptoms felt by allergy sufferers are bad enough at home, but they become a whole new challenge when you’re on the road or in an unfamiliar location. Traveling in the late spring and summer is particularly bad because you have to worry about both indoor and outdoor allergens. You don’t want your fun vacation to be ruined by miserable allergy symptoms. Keep reading to learn steps you can take to fight both allergy symptoms and the allergens that cause them while you’re traveling. Make Medicine a Priority Your allergy medication could be your biggest ally when it comes to treating allergy symptoms. Be sure you pack enough of it to get you through your entire trip. Depending on where you’re going it may be possible to buy more over-the-counter medicine if you run out, but it will be much less of a hassle if you have it on hand. If you’re flying for your trip make sure you pack your medications in their original packaging in order to avoid any headaches with airport security. It’s also important that you take your allergy medication regularly and on time when you’re traveling. This may be difficult because you aren’t on your typical daily schedule, however if you miss a dosage, you could very easily be suffering from miserable symptoms in no time. Be sure to consult your allergist if you have any questions about what allergy medication you should be taking, and always follow the instructions for use found on the packaging. Pack a Pillow Protector and other Protective Bedding If you’re traveling you’ll most likely be staying at a hotel or rental unit. You should consider bringing a zippered pillow protector to encase the pillow you’ll be using during your stay. This will prevent you from breathing in any allergens that may be lingering in your pillow’s fibers. If you’re staying for an extended period of time you may even want to consider packing an anti-allergen mattress protector or other allergy protection bedding. Keep Your Car Allergen Free Many of us will be taking road-trips to our summer vacation destinations. The car can actually be one of the worst places for allergens if the proper steps aren’t taken to eliminate them. Thoroughly clean the interior of the car you will traveling in before you begin your journey. This includes removing dust from hard interior surfaces and vacuuming.This will help remove any allergens that may have already made their way into your car. When you’re driving, be sure to travel with the windows up and the air conditioner on, using the “recirculation” setting. Having your windows closed will help prevent pollen or any other outdoor allergens from coming in your car. The recirculation setting will also help filter out any dust mites or other allergens that are already floating in the air inside your vehicle. None of us have “allergy symptoms” listen on our travel itineraries. It’s important that you enjoy your summer travel plans! Be sure you take the proper steps to avoid facing them while you’re trying to enjoy your vacation.