allergies got you downSeasonal and inhaled allergens are rarely ever dangerous or life-threatening, but there’s no doubt they can still leave you feeling miserable. Sometimes allergy symptoms may be so bad that you don’t feel like you can make it through your daily routine. But you’re busy! You can’t allow allergy symptoms to take time out of your schedule. If you’re an allergy sufferer, there are many steps you can take to fight symptoms of allergies and the allergies that cause them. Below we have listed some of the most effective ways you can fight allergies. Take Allergy Medication One of the most common ways to manage allergy symptoms is to take over-the-counter allergy medication. Allergy medications that can be bought over-the-counter are typically either antihistamines or decongestants.These drugs will help directly combat your symptoms while you sleep.It is important to note though, that allergy medications can sometimes leave you feeling a little groggy in  the morning depending on what you take and how it affects your body. You should consult with a doctor before trying a new medication to help control your allergy symptoms. Protect Your Bed You spend a huge chunk of your day asleep in your bed. If it is left unprotected allergens such as dust mites, pollen and pet dander can easily settle into your mattress. Allergens in mattresses can cause extra suffering while you’re sleeping.  It is recommended by allergists to use mattress encasements and pillow covers to protect your bed from allergens. These products fully encase your mattress and other bedding, forming a protective shell that helps keep allergens from settling into the fibers of your bed. Clean Often Cleaning is the best way to combat against allergens lingering in your home. It’s especially important to wipe off shelves and other hard surfaces that could harbor dust, as well as vacuuming carpets and other soft furniture where allergens could settle. You may even want to consider swapping out carpet for hardwood flooring or heavy fabric curtains for window blinds or shades. Keep Windows Closed in Your House and Car Leaving your windows open will easily allow outdoor allergens like pollen to come into your house or car. During the summer months it may be tempting to open up or roll down your windows. But the allergy-safe way to cool your house is to use air conditioning. Not only will it keep your house or car cool, but will help filter allergens out of the air. Get a Warm Shower or Bath Before Bed This natural remedy has multiple benefits for allergy sufferers. First of all, by getting a shower or bath right before bed, you will ensure that you’ve cleaned any allergens off of your skin that you may have picked up during the day. Another benefit of a warm bath or shower is the the steam from warm water will help loosen any congestion and allow you to breathe easier while you sleep. Taking proper measures to prevent allergy symptoms and protect yourself from allergens will make all the difference in how you feel. Make the decision to not let allergies get you down this allergy season. Plan out your prevention methods and stick to them.