Aller-Ease® Bedding Offers Exceptional Freshness, Re-fluffs After High-Temperature Wash May 14, 2012
Allergy sufferers and comfort seekers alike have a cleaner, more comfortable solution for a good night’s sleep with the new Aller-Ease® Hot Water Wash Collection of basic bedding. Made with the distinctive Aller-Ease allergen-proof fabric that filters 95 percent of allergens, the pillow, mattress pad and comforter can withstand a hot water wash to combat the germs and bacteria that can collect in bedding. The Hot Water Wash Collection is an evolution of the Aller-Ease washable bedding collection, a soft and quiet allergen-barrier collection whose pillowfeaturesa unique construction thatre-fluffsto like-new condition after every wash. Traditional fiber filled pillows with a “wash and dry” care label often clump or flatten after laundering. “Washing your bedding regularly is a critical step in fighting allergens in the home, and using hot water to wash all your basic bedding pieces offers an extra benefit that ensuresa cleaner, fresher sleeping environment,” says Mette Odom, vice president of marketing for American Textile Company. “The Hot Water Wash Collection is ideal for allergy sufferers or anyone seeking a fresher sleep environment but doesn’t want to sacrifice comfort.” The Aller-Ease Hot Water Wash Collection can sustain washing in temperatures up to 120 degrees to combat germs and bacteria without losing its allergen-barrier effectiveness, shape, softness and pleasing appearance. Most basic bedding care and cleaning instructions recommend cold water wash, and typically does not perform well after washing.
The combination of the tightly-woven cotton-blend allergen-barrier fabric and the hot water washing capability prevents allergens such as dust mites, pollen,pet dander and other particles from collecting in your mattress and triggering allergy or asthma symptoms to ensure a healthier sleep environment. In addition, the bedding’s features also help create a sleep environment that is more comfortable. The pillow’s fiber fillre-fluffs after every wash, and because it’s available in medium, firm and extra firm supportit suits side, back and stomach sleepers. The comforter is filled with hypoallergenic polyester fiber and has a sewn-through design that maintains an even distribution of fill and prevents cold spots. And, the mattress pad features a quilted design and a top layer for maximum allergy protection and comfort. The fabrics in the Hot Water Wash Collection have been designed and testedto meet the rigorous cleaning demands needed to create a fresh sleep environment, and it is backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal's 2-year limited warranty. The Aller-Ease Hot Water Wash collection includes pillows in full/queen and king sizes, and comforters and mattress pads in twin, full, queen and king bed sizes. They can be found at a retailer near you.