mattress-277906_1280.jpgYou’ve tried it all. You’ve cleaned your bedroom in the attempt to make it an allergy-free zone, kept your pets off the bed, and yet, you still can’t seem to get a good night’s sleep. If you’re still up sneezing and coughing throughout the night, you may need to stop looking around the room for a solution and look under you. Your mattress could be the reason why your allergies are flaring up at night. Here are a few ways to check up on your mattress and get yourself back to having restful nights of sleep.


Did you know you should replace your pillows every other year and your mattress every eight years? Some say these are purely sales techniques to get you to spend more on bedding, but these tips are actually beneficial for allergy-sufferers. When you think about it, we spend a lot of time on our mattresses and pillows, so they’re naturally going to get dirty. Mattresses and pillows gather up lots of dust, sweat, and dead skin, not to mention they do wear out and get less comfortable as the years go by. Plus, old mattresses are heaven for bed bugs and dust mites. Check your mattress tag if you’re unsure when it was purchased. If you know it’s been more than a decade since you purchased the mattress, start looking out for sales at nearby mattress stores.


While an old mattress is bad for your allergies, it can also lead to a number of other health problems. A recent study revealed that an old mattress can contribute to higher stress levels. 60 people were asked to sleep on an old mattress for one month, then a new mattress the next month. Results showed that the participants were less stressed after sleeping on the new mattress. An old mattress doesn’t just affect stress levels and cause allergy flare-ups. Other health concerns that come about include back pain, memory impairment, frequent snoring, poor quality of sleep, and more.


For allergy-sufferers, it could take more than just replacing your mattress and pillows and washing your sheets. While all of these tips are recommended for everyone, those with allergy problems are advised to take it one step further with allergy-free bedding. Aller-Ease has a number of options like these mattress pads or pillow protectors to keep you comfortable at night. Once you take the plunge and use allergy-free bedding, you’ll never have to worry about your allergies keeping you awake at night.