Picture by Ryan McGuire

To many people, bugs and pests  are not a preferred topic of conversation. Possibly for this reason, there are many popularly-held misconceptions about bugs. No matter how much you dislike the thought of bugs in your home, the fact remains that they are there and affect your life. Make sure you know the truth about these freeloading roommates so you can keep yourself and your family protected.

Myth: Spiders invade your home in the winter.

A lot of people think that once the weather starts getting colder spiders and other bugs start to invade homes to get away from the harsh weather changes. However, this is a myth;  Spiders are in your home just as much during the other seasons. In fact, you’re seeing more spiders in your home because of a completely different reason. According to Independent, “...house spiders tend to be most visible in the late summer and early autumn, when males come out to mate. Though it often appears that they are coming in at that time because the summer warmth is going away, they are in fact more visible because they are scurrying around to try and find a female.”

Myth: Household pests don’t affect allergy sufferers.

Household pests, specifically dust mites, can trigger an allergy sufferer’s worst symptoms. Luckily, allergy protective bedding is available to combat these pests and alleviate your suffering. Products such as mattress protectors and anti-allergen pillows are a great start for any home.

Myth: Bed bugs prefer “unsanitary conditions.”

Despite the thought that bed bugs only like to stay in less-than-ideal conditions, bed bugs actually don’t discriminate. This myth came about because bed bugs can be extremely difficult and expensive to treat, making it harder for  low-income housing to eliminate the problem (Psst. Make sure your home is protected with bed bug mattress protectors).

Myth: You swallow 8 spiders a year while you sleep.

Thankfully for everyone, this well-known “fact” about swallowing spiders in our sleep is untrue. Scientific American puts it like this:  “During their forays, they usually don’t intentionally crawl into a bed because it offers no prey (unless it has bed bugs, in which case that person has bigger problems). Spiders also have no interest in humans.” This sure is a relief! In fact, we might head to take a nap right now.

Which of these myths surprised you the most? Share your thoughts with us in the comments, along with any other bug myths you’ve heard debunked.