waterproof mattress coverYou’ve decided you want to add an extra layer of protection to your bed. You’ve begun your search for the perfect mattress and pillow protectors and you’re beginning to notice there are lot of options! There are allergen protective encasements, bed bug protectors and waterproof protectors. Some protective bedding may even share some of these characteristics. If you’re simply looking for allergen or bed bug protection, you might decide to forgo the waterproof bedding, but you may want to reconsider! Waterproof mattress and pillow encasements have many important benefits. Even if you don’t have kids that could potentially wet the bed, you may want to consider waterproof bedding for other reasons. Below we have listed some great benefits that a waterproof mattress cover or pillow protector can have. Acts as a Safeguard for Bedwetting Accidents One of the most obvious uses for waterproof mattress encasements is to protect a child’s mattress in the case of a bedwetting accident. But you may also want to use waterproof bedding if you’re a pet owner. While it may be true that your cat or dog is trained to do its business outside or in the litter box, accidents can still happen. In the event that Fido or Fluffy does happen to go on the bed, you won’t have to worry about replacing your mattress if you are using a waterproof mattress protector! Protects from Spills No kids or pets? Don’t rule out waterproof bedding just yet. Other accidents can still happen. Do you enjoy drinking a hot cup of tea or coffee in bed? Maybe you even like to sneak a soda or another sweet drink every now and then. As much fun as indulging on these drinks in bed can be, you run the risk of spilling them. And once you spill a drink on an unprotected mattress or pillow, it’s likely to leave a stain that will never come out. But if you have a waterproof mattress and pillow protector in place all you’ll have to worry about permanently staining is you PJ’s. Keeps Your Bed Sweat Free When you climb under the covers for the night you probably don’t expect to become overheated. But it happens to best of us. You may wake up in a pool of sweat, with the sheets around you damp. If your mattress is unprotected your sweat can sink into the fibers of your mattress, causing stains and even an unpleasant smell. Using a waterproof mattress cover may not prevent you from sweating throughout the night, but it will help prevent your mattress and pillows from soaking it up. This will keep your mattress and pillow nice and fresh, as well as potentially extending how long you can or will want to use them. Eliminates the Chance of Mattress Mold Whether it’s from sweat, spills or humidity, a mattress that continually soaks up moisture may grow mold or mildew grow inside its fibers. Not only will this create a bad smell, it could trigger allergies and even cause other health problems. A waterproof mattress protector will help prevent mold and mildew growth within your mattress. Bedwetting accidents aren’t the only reason to invest in a waterproof mattress or pillow protector! Protectors will help you keep your mattress and pillows fresh and stain-free and may also help prevent health problems. You will also be extending the life of your mattress and pillows, which will help you save money and many headaches down the road!