June 18, 2012   Aller Ease has announced the winners in its Rest Assured Sweepstakes, recognizing three contestants for their household cleaning tips from among the 2,000 entries of unique and time-saving suggestions “Providing a clean, fresh home environment is important to keep your family healthy,” said Mette Odom, Vice President of Marketing for American Textile Company, which makes Aller Ease bedding. “We strive to help families create this environment by offering smart bedding solutions and acting as an education resource. We were excited that so many consumers were willing to share their own cleaning tips.” Alena Cossey of South Bend, Ind., was the grand-prize winner of the Rest Assured Sweepstakes. She takes home a $1,000 Southwest Airlines gift card and an Aller Ease allergen-barrier bedding prize pack for her tip for using fresh mint and juiced lime to clean a coffee maker. “I was thrilled to win the Rest Assured Sweepstakes,” said Cossey, who loves developing new and natural cleaning solutions to keep a healthy home environment for her family. “I’ve already booked round-trip tickets for my two nieces who live in Seattle to visit me for a month this summer – I don’t see them often, so this is exciting. I also plan to take a special trip for myself in the next few years.” Cossey and the two runner-up winners, Pam Glover and Jenny Kuhtz, received a collection of basic bedding to help get a good night’s sleep thanks to the allergen-barrier bedding protection. It was a much-needed sleep solution for Glover. “At night my allergies are so bad that I breathe through my mouth because of nasal congestion,” said Glover of Southaven, Miss. “After using the Aller Ease bedding I haven't had trouble breathing in bed. The pillow and mattress encasements and the Hot Water Wash pillows help me get a better night’s sleep, and I have recommended it to my family and friends.” Each winner in the Rest Assured Sweepstakes received complete bedding solutions to create fresher beds, including: two pillow encasements for protection from bed bugs and allergens, such as dust mites and pollen, that can trigger allergies; two mattress encasements for allergy, bed bug and waterproof protection; and two Hot Water Wash pillows for allergy protection and can with stand the high temperatures of a washing machine and re-fluff to like-new condition after every wash. “I suffer from indoor and outdoor allergies, so I was excited to win the Aller Ease prize pack,” Cossey said. “I put the bedding to use right away, and I love the Hot Water Wash pillows. Not only do they keep their shape but they also conform to your body.” The Hot Water Wash Collection is a new introduction from Aller Ease; it’s an evolution of a popular machine washable collection suited to allergy sufferers and anyone seeking to create a better sleep environment and fresher home. “As a mother with a four-month old, I strive to vacuum and dust as much possible to keep a clean environment for my baby,” said Kuhtz, who lives in Rockford, Mich. “I was happy to be a contest winner and look forward to using my Aller Ease prize pack.”    

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