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After a long day at work, crawling into your nice, warm bed might be all you want to do. However, your mattress, sheets, and pillows can get dirty after just one week. Dust and dirt can lead to increased allergies, so you must be sure  to keep all of your bedding clean throughout the year. Many of our AllerEase mattress and pillow protectors are hot water washable. But not all bedding is created equal. Keep reading to learn some easy tips on how to keep your entire bedroom clean and hypoallergenic.

Protecting Your Mattress

Even if you have a mattress protector on your bed, you still need to clean your mattress on a regular basis. This will keep dust and grime from compiling on your bed. There are a few easy ways to keep your mattress clean and fresh. The first step after removing your mattress cover is to take a vacumn to your mattress. This will help remove excess dust and dirt. Then, you will want to deodorize the mattress. This solution is simple. Evenly spread baking soda over your mattress and let sit for thirty minutes. This will help remove those stubborn odors. Finally, if you see any stains in your mattress, use a homemade stain remover to combat those spots. These steps performed on a regular basis will keep your mattress in great shape for the lifetime of your bed.

Keeping Your Sheets Clean

Make sure to follow the instructions on your sheets for the best wash. Another  good rule to follow is to never use extreme temperatures and always use a mild detergent. This will keep the fibers strong, but also prevent a potential allergic reaction to a strong detergent. After the sheets are washed, make sure to dry your sheets on a low or medium heat. If you do not want to wash your sheets every week, we recommend keeping two spare sets in a cool and dry place. This will let you have an easier sheet rotation.

How Often Should I Clean My Bedding?

This is the age-old question. And while there are many opinions out there, the industry standard is to change your sheets at least once each week. This practice helps reduce allergies and asthma.

These practices combined with our hypo-allergenic products will help you keep your bedroom clean and allergy free -- making it the perfect environment to lay down after a long day!