Some of your worst allergy symptoms can be caused by pet dander. However, instead of having to give up your furry friends, take control and manage your symptoms. One of the best ways to do this is to keep your pets off of the furniture in your home. You wouldn’t believe how much allergy-inducing pet dander gets left behind and is stuck with you on your clothing long after you get up. With your pets in mind, you may be thinking “easier said than done.” This is especially true if your pets are used to wandering the house freely. These tips will help keep your pets off of the furniture so that you can manage your household allergies more effectively!

Offer Them a Better Alternative

The best way to deter your pets from wanting to sit on your furniture is to offer them a better alternative. This may mean a simple bed, or something a little more luxurious like a whole corner dedicated to their bed and boys. If the comfy bed isn’t enough to get them off of the furniture, the allure of their toys should do the trick. If your pet is a cat, try a cat condo. This may be more enjoyment for your furry friend and keep him or her satisfied enough to stay off of your furniture.

Give Them One Piece of Furniture

If your animals aren’t taking too well to the new alternative, try giving them one piece of furniture to themselves. The idea is to give them one chair that they can use as much as they want, while the rest of the furniture is off limits. You can even pad the chair with a fabric cover so that it can easily be removed for frequent washes and give your pet some extra comfort. With a little discipline and some time, your pet will learn to stay off of the other furniture.Bribe Them

Some pets are stubborn. If you’re dealing with a little sass when you are trying to train your animals to stay off of the furniture, try bribing them with their favorite treats. Only allow them to have a treat when they are sitting in their designated space. Over time, this type of training will get you the end result you are looking for and the pet dander on your furniture will be greatly diminished.

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