How to Sleep Better When You’re Away From Home

We’ve all had times when we stay the night in an unfamiliar place and just can’t seem to fall asleep. Most people don’t know have a solution to this problem and just settle for a bad night’s rest, but not being able to get quality sleep while traveling or staying at a friend’s house can put a damper on a lot of fun opportunities. This can be even more detrimental when you need to travel out of town on business. You want to be refreshed and ready to take on the day for important meetings and out of town projects. Use these tips to sleep better when you’re away from home!

Sleep on Your Right Ear

This may seen odd, but there is actually science that goes along with sleeping on your right ear. “Your right ear feeds sound to your left brain that is hyper alert. Since your left brain is constantly hyperalert and doesn’t really rest it reacts to the sound waking you up.” When you sleep on your right ear, you are able to block out the noise that is going to your left brain. If you are a back sleeper, try using ear plugs for the same effect.

Be Prepared with Your Own Pillow

Bringing your own pillow can seem a little excessive, especially when you have to fit it in your suitcase, but having the right pillow can be the difference between a good night’s sleep and a bad one. Not only are pillow preferences individualized, but if you’re an allergy sufferer, your pillow is even more important. If you sleep on a pillow that isn’t protected, you will have an even harder time getting to sleep. If you really can’t fit a whole pillow in your suitcase, you can just pack a pillow protector to put on the pillow given to you.

Bring Your Favorite Scent

Does your home have a signature scent? Maybe you’re a fan of vanilla candles or cherry blossom room spray. Whatever scent reminds you of home, bringing it along can instantly put you at ease while you sleep.

What is the next stop on your travel agenda? Tell us in the comments which tips you’ll be trying for your next night away from home!