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It is almost spring and most people are anxious to enjoy the warmer weather and spend more time outside. However, for allergy sufferers, the approaching season can also elicit a different feeling -- fear of springtime allergens. We all know the symptoms: runny nose, sneezing, itchy eyes, sore throat, and more. But how do you avoid getting these symptoms so that you can enjoy the warmer season? These tips can help you tame your springtime allergens so that you can be out and about enjoying the sunshine!

Allergy-Proof Your Home

The best preparation for dealing with spring allergies is to allergy-proof your home. First, make sure to keep your windows and doors closed so that the spring pollen and other allergens don’t make your home, their home. After that, you can take even more measures to ensure you are fighting back against springtime allergies by taking your shoes off at your door. This makes sure you don’t track in allergens from outside. It is also best to ask your guests to do the same.

The next precaution you can take is to make sure that you are protecting the area of your home you spend the most time in: your bed. Use allergy-protective bedding like the AllerEase Bed Bug Zippered Mattress Protector to protect yourself from troublesome pollen and pet dander, along with critters like bedbugs and dust mites. Don’t forget to shield your face from allergens too, with AllerEase Cotton Allergy Pillow Protectors.

Finally, your vacuum should be your new best friend. Clean your floors frequently with a vacuum that uses a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter. With these tips, you should see a major improvement from what you are used to experiencing when spring arrives.

Don’t let allergens stop you from enjoying the beginning of spring! By allergy-proofing your home, and most importantly, protecting your bed with quality allergy bedding, you are on your way to frolicking outside with glee just like non-allergy sufferers! Do you have any tricks to warding off spring allergies? Share with us your tips and tricks for dealing with spring pollens and other allergens!