When it comes to household plants, many allergy sufferers decide not to put any in their homes because they fear that they will worsen their symptoms. However, this is under the incorrect assumption that plants increase the amount of allergens in the air. “Houseplants for allergy sufferers have two advantages: some of them clean the air and none of them produce excess pollen to make allergies worse.” If this is new information to you, don’t rush out the door to purchase your new plants just yet! Here is what you need to know about having plants in your home if you or your family members are allergy sufferers:

Take Care of Them Properly

If the plants in your home aren’t taken care of properly, your allergies could react to dust that accumulates on the leaves. This is just like any other object that sits in your home, and that’s why it is important to dust frequently (for more cleaning tips, check out these 10 Tips to Curb Allergies in Your Home). When it comes to cleaning household plants, make sure to wipe down the leaves with a damp cloth to get the dust off of them. For more ways to clean your indoor plants, head here.

Find the Right Plants for You

Allergy sufferers still need to find the right plant for their home. Believe it or not, certain plants are actually able to help purify the air. These include plants such as Peace lily, Dracaena Warneckei, English ivy, and Bamboo palm. You can get the full list of houseplants, along with what they remove from the air here.

Plants don’t have to be exiled from your household just because you or your family members have allergies. As long as you take care of them properly and find the plants that are right for you, you will be able to have as many plants as you please, all without stirring up your pesky allergy symptoms. Did this inspire you to add more natural decorations to your home? Look no further for more ideas with these 3 Beautiful Bedroom Decor Trends of 2016!