You are so excited to design your new bedroom. You think about paint colors, bed sheets and how to get that perfect valence over your window -- all important pieces in designing a new room. However, one thing you might not immediately consider is your health.

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Did you know that bedding, color and light can all affect your health and sleep patterns? This is why taking a holistic approach to designis soimportant. We love picking out the perfect comforter too, but taking your overall well-being into account will make your new bedroom that much more special.

Color Design

Did you know the basic color design in your room can alter your mood? Painting your bedroom a bright yellow will give it plenty of life, but it can also change your sleep pattern. This color can give you energy and make it hard to fall asleep at night. Blues and greens are optimal bedroom colors. Both of these colors are said to bring down blood pressure and relax the mind. This is the best way to get a great night’s sleep. There are ways to combine colors to get the look you want and improve on your sleep.


According to the Better Sleep Council, bedroom lighting can affect many aspects of your health. During the day, sunlight can help with mood and positive energy. However, that same sunrise can also change your sleep schedule. If light shines through your curtains or blinds, it can wake you up before your alarm. In order to prevent this, we recommend purchasing blackout curtains or blinds to keep light out during your sleeping hours.

Health Irritations

Allergies, smells and sounds can all alter how we sleep. This is critically important to ensure you wake up feeling rested, not groggy. Your bedding and sheets can contain allergens that can cause congestion, headaches and more. You need to do more than simply wash your sheets every day to prevent these irritations. AllerEase offers you the bedding options to help prevent these allergens from affecting your sleep. Our protectors and covers work to keep dead skin cells, pollen and pet dander from contaminating your mattress and pillows.

These are just a few of the many ways a bedroom’s appearance can alter your health. When designing a new room, always use research alongside your personal tastes to create the most sleep-friendly room imaginable.. We hope you have a restful night’s sleep after your design is complete!