The seasons are changing and that means allergies are here to interrupt your sleep and make you miserable. Even if you’re no stranger to suffering from allergy symptoms, you may have some commonly-held misconceptions about allergies and what causes your symptoms. As you know, knowledge is power! Take a look at our version of Mythbusters: Allergy Edition and see how manyofthese myths you thought were fact!

Myth: Everybody Has Allergies (Busted)

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If you have seasonal allergies, also known as rhinitis, you know how much the simplest weather change can affect you. Even if your friends say that they can relate to your suffering, the truth about “hay fever” is that only one in five Americans have it. The incidence of seasonal and food allergies has risen in the past 20-30 years, but not everyone has them or need to worry about them.

Myth: My Down Pillow Is Giving Me Allergies (Busted)

Many people believe that the feathers in down pillows can cause uncomfortable sleeping patterns and allergies. However, according to research,this fallacy comes from anecdotal reports. Solid research shows that the allergens are not coming from the pillows but from what is accumulating on the fabrics. This means that your pillow could contain dust mites, mold, and pet contamination such as pet dander. If you do own a down pillow, make sure to prevent allergies with a pillow cover. You can enjoy your down pillow without stirring up your symptoms by using a quality pillow protector.


 Myth: People Who Are Allergic To Pets Are Allergic To Their Fur (Busted)

Fluffy the cat and Spot the dog are your best friends, but every interaction you have with them leaves you sneezing and coughing. You must be allergic to their fur, right? Wrong!The allergen that you are affected by is produced in the animal’s skin and also (to a lesser extent) in their urine and saliva. When the animal is brushed or rubs up against anything, their dander becomes airborne, producing the allergens that affect you when you are around your animals. However, there is still hope for animal-loving, allergy sufferers. Short hair breeds can produce less dander. Along with the right allergy medicine, this can leave you with fewer symptoms. 

Even though allergies are something we all wish we could avoid, with the proper medicine and indoor fabrics we can enjoy a great day and a restful night's sleep all season long. Which of these allergy myths did you think was fact? Share with us which one surprised you the most!