Trends come and go. You don’t have to become obsessive about having all of the latest fads when it comes to decorating, but when your bedroom could benefit from a few new additions, it’s great to take a look at what’s popular to give yourself some inspiration. These 2016 bedroom trends can help you freshen it up. Remember, don’t pick things just because they are trendy. Only follow trends that you will enjoy for years to come, not just until the next thing comes around.

Wallpaper is Back

Wallpaper was outcasted years ago, but has now made a comeback! This is great for people who love the textured look or intricate design that paint simply can’t accomplish. The options for wallpaper are endless. This means even if you are going for simplicity, you can find a design that fits your taste. Wallpaper can essentially fit any taste! To go for a really bold look, use wallpaper as an accent wall.

Unique Headboards

Custom or unique headboards are all the rage for 2016 when it comes to bedroom design. Incorporating this into your design could be the centerpiece of your theme. Make a statement with a driftwood headboard for that cabin in the woods feel, or keep it chic with one made of bamboo. Whether you use this to add a needed pop of color, throw some more texture in the mix, or pull your bedroom theme together, a unique headboard is a must for any modern bedroom.

Contemporary-Patterned Bedding

Even though contemporary patterns for your comforters, pillows, sheets, and other bedding is in style, any allergy sufferer needs to be careful. Before you start implementing too many changes to your bed, remember that your bed is your sanctuary -- you must protect it before making it beautiful. Learn what you should use when it comes to protecting your bed here. After that, you can rest easy on a bed that’s protected and stylish.

With all of these new trends, you may be tempted to make some changes to your bedroom. What 2016 bedroom trends have you fell in love with lately?