If there was any doubt in your mind before, winter is definitely here now. How are you staying warm this year? A lot of us are bunkering down in the house to avoid the bitter cold. However, this tried and true technique isn’t doing much to help allergy victims. Yes, it is possible to suffer from allergies during the winter time as well as in the spring and summer months. Dust mites, mold spores, and pet dander are all common home allergens that families subject themselves to when they hide out in their homes. In order to help make symptoms more manageable, we put together our list of 10 ways to reduce indoor allergens in your home during the winter months.
  • Keep Humidity Low: Dust mites thrive in moist areas. By keeping the humidity below 50 percent in the house, you can reduce the amount dust mites that form and exist in your home.
  • Reduce Scented Candles: Although you may not be allergic to the candle itself, doctors say that scented candles can inflame the nasal passage in allergy sufferers.
  • Turn On the Bathroom Fan: Reducing humidity in the bathroom by turning on the fan prevents mold spores from forming in the room.
  • Invest in a HEPA Vacuum: HEPA filters force the air in your home through mesh filters. This tool catches small particles such as allergy causing dust mites and pet dander.
  • Wash Your Hands: When you come back into your house, before getting into any projects, wash your hands thoroughly. This simple act reduces the amount of allergens you may bring into your home from an outside source.
  • Keep Bed Linens Clean: Wash your bed sheets in hot water (140 degrees Fahrenheit) to kill allergens before placing them back on the bed. Using allergy proof bedding is also an option for serious allergies.
  • Minimize Time Spent With Pets: Although tempting, cuddling with your pets is the best way to subject yourself to pet dander. Keep them out of sleeping areas to reduce allergic reactions.
  • Upgrade Your Furnace Filters: Nowadays, they manufacture furnace filters that can catch allergens before putting them back into the vents - and back into your living space. Install high-efficiency furnace filters in order to upgrade to the convenience.
  • Reduce Condensation: A couple times a week, check areas for condensation and wipe them dry. Mold spores grow in cold, wet places so eliminating these areas is just one way to beat the pests.
  • Clean Your Humidifier: Don’t let your humidifier run without checking it for too long. The water and filter in your humidifier should be changed regularly to help prevent mold and bacteria from forming in the device.
We encourage you to really take the time to go through your home with our list and make changes where necessary. Because they are so small, these tips could be done in no time at all! So, get to it and make your home more livable for the allergy sufferer in your family, today.