Allergy Tips

For those suffering from allergies and congestion, allergists recommend a 2-step plan to help improve their sleep environment:

  1.  Use zippered allergen barrier mattress protectors
  2.  Nasal saline spray
  3.  Remove allergens from your bedroom such as pets and carpets

Other tips to improve combat allergens and improve your sleep environment include:

  • Wash bedding once per week, including comforters and duvet covers, to prevent household allergens from collecting in plush surfaces
  • Wash pillows monthly, or replace them every 6 months, if they are non-washable
  • During pollen season, change clothing upon coming indoors and shampoo hair before going to bed
  • Place non-washable plush toys in a zip-lock bag and put them in the freezer for 3-5 hours every week to kill off any dust mites
  • Use a dehumidifier to help keep humidity below 50%. Dust mites thrive at higher humidity levels.
  • Use easy to clean hardwood, tile, or linoleum flooring instead of carpeting
  • If you have carpeting, use a vacuum equipped with a HEPA filter to reduce airborne dust

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